SSA - This Strong Side Nelson#1/Avenger inspired holster has been modified to use two rigid belt tunnels and I have removed the extra web of leather under the trigger guard to reduce bulk.
This holster is available with a 5 degree muzzle forward rake(ejection port runs about even with the top of the belt), neutral rake or 5 degree muzzle rearward rake(ejection port runs approximately in the middle of the belt). This makes it ideals suited for both strong side carry as well as crossdraw.

The streamlined reinforcement, coupled with a proprietary hardening process, make the SSA a very durable holster.


Exotic Trims
Alligator trim, add $175
Stingray trim, add $175
Elephant trim, add $100
Hippopotamus trim, add $75 (has Suede type nap)
Wildebeest trim, add $100
Shark trim, add $100
Ostrich leg trim, add $75
Ring Lizard trim, add $75

Full Exotic Coverage (this holster is smooth leather in, with 100% wrap-around exotic coverage.)
Alligator(full Coverage), add $400
Stingray(full coverage), add $400
Elephant(full coverage), add $300ยท (pictured)
Hippopotamus (full coverage), add $300 (has suede type nap)
Wildebeest (full coverage), add $300
Shark (full coverage), add $300
Ring Lizard (full coverage), add $250