BS-CDA Belt Slide Cross Draw / Appendix - This holster is designed for most Pistols and Revolvers. Based on the size of the handgun, there are slight variations on how high the trigger guards sits in relation to the belt. The rake angle provides for a very natural draw in the Appendix or Cross draw carry position. Your gun is almost always accessible to you, even while sitting and driving. in the Cross Draw carry mode, you want to pay particular attention to weapon retention.
The size of the handgun will have direct effect on the clothing this model will work with. Since it is an OWB holster, it works best with a suit jacket or similar open front coats. For women I recommend the trigger guard be placed more in line with the belt, to avoid the grip digging into the rib-cage. An added benifit to this holster is, you can use it for a psuedo small of the back holster, by ordering it in the opposite hand (BS-SSC). You would still wear it on your strong side at about 5 o'clock. This holster now comes with a removable foam yaw pad on the back to control tucking of the grip.


Exotic Trims
Alligator trim, add $125
Stingray trim, add $100
Elephant trim, add $75
Hippopotamus trim, add $75 (has Suede type nap)
Wildebest trim, add $75
Shark trim, add $75
Ostrich leg trim, add $50
Ring Lizard trim, add $50

Full Exotic Coverage ( 100% frontal exotic coverage.)
Alligator(full Coverage), add $250
Stingray(full coverage), add $250
Elephant(full coverage), add $200
Hippopotamus (full coverage), add $200 (has suede type nap)
Wildebeest (full coverage), add $200
Shark (full coverage), add $200
Ring Lizard (full coverage), add $200