IWB-SS Inside The Waistband-Strong Side - This holster has been updated for 2015. While using classic lines, it uses my unique "T" reinforcement to keep the holster rigid and open, with minimal leather. It comes with molded in sight channels and removable belt loops. The leather is molded with the pistol cantilevered in towards the body for better concelament. Loops can come in 15 or 25 degree rake angles, snap or thread through and can be configured for high or low ride when ordered. A classic design with some JRC refinements.


Exotic Trims
Alligator trim, add $125
Stingray trim, add $100
Elephant trim, add $75
Hippopotamus trim, add $75 (has Suede type nap)
Wildebest trim, add $75
Shark trim, add $75
Ostrich leg trim, add $50
Ring Lizard trim, add $50

Full Exotic Coverage (this holster is smooth leather in, with 100% wrap-around exotic coverage.)
Alligator(full Coverage), add $400
Stingray(full coverage), add $400
Elephant(full coverage), add $300
Hippopotamus (full coverage), add $300 (has suede type nap)
Wildebeest (full coverage), add $300
Shark (full coverage), add $300
Ring Lizard (full coverage), add $250