IWB-SN Inside the waistband-Snap. Due to many requests from customers, I am introducing the IWB-SN to the line up. This style of holster is offered by many quality competitors, each with their own unique properties.

The IWB-SN, comes in small, medium and large patterns to cover a wide variety of handguns. The holster is offered in 25, 15 and 0 degree rakes. The interchangable belt loops can be loosened slightly to provide a few extra degrees in either direction. The belt loops are offered in high ride, low ride and tuckable, upon request.

The holster, is hardened, using the same proprietary proccess as the AIWB-CDA II. This makes for a flexible, yet rigid holster. It is thin, but will not collapse to where your pistol can not be reholstered.

Something not obvious in pictures, but a standard feature of all JRC holsters is the pulling inward of the grip. During the molding proccess, the gun is positioned so that the grip tucks as close in, off the center line, as is possible for each particular model.


Exotic Trims
Alligator trim, add $125
Stingray trim, add $100
Elephant trim, add $75
Hippopotamus trim, add $75 (has Suede type nap)
Wildebest trim, add $75
Shark trim, add $75
Ostrich leg trim, add $50
Ring Lizard trim, add $50

Full Exotic Coverage ( 100% frontal exotic coverage.)
Alligator(full Coverage), add $250
Stingray(full coverage), add $250
Elephant(full coverage), add $200
Hippopotamus (full coverage), add $200 (has suede type nap)
Wildebeest (full coverage), add $200
Shark (full coverage), add $200
Ring Lizard (full coverage), add $200