Watson Special AIWB

The Watson Special is a slim design AIWB holster. While not as adjustable as the CDA-II, it pulls the pistol tight into the body. Knifemaker Joe Watson, of Watson Knives asked me to build him an AIWB holster based on the IWB-SS. After discussing the project, I decided to incorporate some of the SS features along with elements of the SSA holster. The Watson Special is what I came up with.  It has 0 rake, a tapered reinforcement to tuck the grip in and a velcro patch on the back for a yaw pad. This holster can come with or without shields. Shields and loops are available in different styles.

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AIWB-CDA II IWB Cross Draw / Appendix - This unit is for revolvers, compact and full size autos. This is a slightly redesigned model.

The latest version of the AIWB-CDA has been redesigned to be much thinner than the previous model and thinner than most leather holsters available. Through the use of strategically placed reinforcements, welts and a special proprietary leather hardening process, the holster can be very thin, yet stay open when the gun is drawn. The AIWB-CDA II will revolutionize appendix carry. The layout of the holster makes for an extremely comfortable fit, that allows for a full range of motion, without the worry of printing and long term discomfort. The belt loop is offset, to make for a more streamlined holster and the front reinforcement grips the top of the belt, to keep the holster from pitching downward.

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IWB-P1 IWB/Pancake -This pancake style holster is very form fitting and allows for the carry of both large and small frame handguns. It is usually worn at about 4 o'clock. Using an extreme rake, the grip of the weapon is instantly available, yet hides well. The extra leather conforms to your body after being worn several times. The shape of the holster also breaks up the outline to keep from printing under your clothing, so as not to give away the fact that you are carrying. The IWB-P1 has a reinforced opening and allows for draining at the bottom. The P-1 is one of our most popular models.

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IWB-SS Inside The Waistband-Strong Side - This holster has been updated for 2015. While using classic lines, it uses my unique "T" reinforcement to keep the holster rigid and open, with minimal leather. It comes with molded in sight channels and removable belt loops. The leather is molded with the pistol cantilevered in towards the body for better concelament. Loops can come in 15 or 25 degree rake angles, snap or thread through and can be configured for high or low ride when ordered. A classic design with some JRC refinements.

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IWB-SN Inside the waistband-Snap. Due to many requests from customers, I am introducing the IWB-SN to the line up. This style of holster is offered by many quality competitors, each with their own unique properties.

The IWB-SN, comes in small, medium and large patterns to cover a wide variety of handguns. The holster is offered in 25, 15 and 0 degree rakes. The interchangable belt loops can be loosened slightly to provide a few extra degrees in either direction. The belt loops are offered in high ride, low ride and tuckable, upon request.

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