Some Highlights of our Holsters

Horse Hide
Waxed nylon thread
Hand cut
Machine lock stiched, or Hand stitched, double saddle stitched(depending on operation)
Hand boned and molded, not just superficial exterior creasing
Hand burnished with beeswax
Molded around sized belts with belt tunnels for rigidity and a finished look
Simple, solid designs
Molded in retention

Things to think about;
What is your body shape? Are you tall or short, thin or thick? Do you wear your pants lower over your hips or up around your navel? Are your shirts loose fitting, tails out or do you like to wear them a little small to show off your physique?
These are all things to consider when you are choosing a holster for concealment purposes. Are you willing to change your style of clothing somewhat to accommodate a particular method of carry? Depending on the style of holster you want, you may have to.

Inside the Waistband models;
First off, let me say that either you love inside the pants carry, or you hate it. Common sense dictates that you are going to have to wear your pants up a waist size to accommodate the gun and holster. Seems silly having to say it, but you would be surprised. A good sturdy belt is always the order of the day for any holster. Try to have your holster sized as close as possible to your belt width by at least 1/4in. If you are using a cloth belt of some type, it probably won't cut it.

Outside the Waistband models;
These holsters offer a very solid platform for carrying your handgun. Due to the fact that they are worn outside the pants, a long shirt or jacket may need to be worn in conjunction. Here it is also important to use a good solid belt that the holster has been sized for. Remember, the belt is your anchor.

Be sure to read the description of each holster that you are interested in. You want to be sure to pick something that is right for you. Every holster I make is custom made, so changes can be made to accomodate a customers needs.

Why Horsehide? There are a lot of differing opinions on whether or not Horsehide is a superior leather to Cowhide. Truthfully I think it's a moot point. I am not truly sure that one is better over the other, as holster making is like subjective art. I happen to like Horsehide holsters. The leather can be a bit thinner and maintain it's rigidity. It does have a tighter grain pattern, so it is a bit smoother on the inside of the holster. It is also supposed to be more at home in salt water environment, if that is an issue for you.
Truthfully, I just like the way it looks. Some complain that it does not dye evenly. This does tend to be the case, though several coats of dye take care of that issue. I like the slightly mottled, highlighted look. It has a deep patina and the look of antique leather found in fine furniture. With a thinned coating of cordovan dye, the red hues look rich with the black and dark drown highlights.
Simply put, this is my preference. If you like a good looking piece of leather as well as a functionally designed holster, you will like my holsters made from Horshide.