Our double thick gunbelts are designed to be classy dress belts as well as a sturdy anchor for wearing your holster. Without a good belt, no holster can perform as designed.
All of our belts start out with a layer of veg tanned horsehide. They then receive a second layer laminated and sewn to give the double thickness.· This make for an extremly durable and rigid belt. Hardware includes Chicago Screws and Solid Brass Buckles.

You can truly have a solid belt that does not scream "I have a gun" like some gun belt designs.

All belts are special order and there are no returns for improper sizing. I will work with you, in advance, to pick out the right size, so as to avoid this.A normal non-gun belt is typically 2 inches bigger than pants size. A gun belt can be 3-4 inches bigger. Our belts are measured from the farthest tip of the belt buckle, to the center hole. The measurement you would take from your existing belt would be from the tip of the buckle to the hole you use most often, while carrying.

A quick note on shark belts, they can be a little rough on the back of holsters. If this is kept in mind when putting the holster on, it is not much of a problem.
Available in 1 1/4in and 1 1/2in widths. Up to 45in. in length. 5 hole - 1in spacing or 7 hole - 3/4in spacing.

Available Buckles:

Oval Center Bar Buckle. Polished nickel over solid brass. Elegantly designed and painstakingly cast in brass. After manufacturing, every buckle is polished by hand, resulting in a gleaming finish. Please note that belts supplied with this buckle do not come with belt keepers.

Square Heel Bar Buckle. This is a Simple yet classy buckle, that looks great for either a dress belt or with jeans. Polished Nickel plate over Brass finish.

D-shaped Heel Bar buckle. A nice casual buckle. Solid brass.

Horsehide· $115

Shark· $175

Elephant $200 (currently available in Med. Gray, Dark Gray and Black)

Horse/Shark trim· $200

Horse/Shark Fleur De Lis Accent· $225


Alligator· $375-450 - Belly Cut / $475-575 - Hornback
Please note that Hornback belts are not stitched. The natural armor plates deflect needles and
make for a very ugly and uneven stitch line. These belts are laminated and a special edging
technique is used. I guarantee these edges, short of intentional misuse(trying to peel the layers
apart). I will re-edge all Hornback belts, free of charge to the original customer, should the need ever arise.

Horse/Alligator Fleur De Lis Accent - $400