Hi, I am Jim Ryan and I run J.R. Customs Holsters.
JRC is a custom, one man shop. All of our Horsehide holsters are individually crafted one at a time, to order.
I literally do all operations. Special individual care is given to each holster, being
sure to provide the customer with not only a supremely functional holster, but an individual work of art.

My professional background has always been related to firearms. Starting out as a Small Arms Repairman and
Ammunition Specialist in the Army, I went on to pistolsmithing and custom rifle building as a young man.
Later in life, I was involved in the manufacture of Class 3 weapons, such as Suppressors, Machineguns and
destructive devices. My work also took me into consulting on various defense related technologies in
conjunction with private industry and Government agencies.

Being involved with firearms on a daily basis my entire adult life, concealed carry was always the order of
the day. Having always appreciated fine leather, I preferred custom leather, as opposed to off the shelf
holsters. During the years, I tinkered with my own holsters and working with leather. I finally decided to
take the plunge a while back and take my leatherwork more seriously and started doing rigs for myself and
friends. Of course, you know how things go from there.

I hope you enjoy researching my holster line and join my growing family of happy customers. I look forward
to serving you in the future and always appreciate a customers patronage.

Best regards,
Jim Ryan