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Introducing the Hybrid. A collaboration between JRC Holsters and JM Custom Kydex. This holster is ordered through JM Custom Kydex and will be delivered from JRC. Please follow the link to order.



ATTENTION: My queue is currently open until about mid-May.  Current turn around times will be 8-16 weeks depening on the order. I recently recieved a large order of really nice Horsehides from the tannery. I am expecting a steady supply  of quality hides from here on out.                     

Orders from mid-late December 2015 / early January 2016 are starting to roll out the door now. I have to apologize for any delays my customers may be experiencing. That said, I want to be sure to send you the best quality holster that I can make, which is what you paid for. Sometimes during the proccess of building a holster, things may not meet up to my standard, in these cases, it causes delays, as I don't want to send something out the door that I wouldn't want my name on. I now have help with cutting leather patterns and prepping leather. This is helping me catch up fast and putting me back on a normal schedule. I appreciate your patience and most of all the support of my business. Without my customers, there would be no business. Thanks, Jim 3/3/16


In late 2015 I launched J.Ryan & Company, LLC. After many requests from customers looking for finely crafted leather accessories, I felt it was time to fill the demand for high end bespoke leather items. We build everything from custom document cases to exotic wallets. If you are in the need for a truly custom item, please check out the new store. If you need something you don't see, please feel free to touch bases with me for a quote. 


J. Ryan & Company, LLC. 



I am now accepting Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover. I can take credit card payments over the phone. I can also email PayPal and non-PayPal invoices, to be paid via online link.

The HK VP 9 is now available.

 Thanks for visiting J.R. Customs Holsters.

JRC Holsters is a custom, one man shop. All of my Horsehide holsters are individually crafted one at a time, to order.  Special individual care is given to each holster, being sure to provide the customer with not only a supremely functional holster, but an individual work of art.

Since we are a custom shop, most of our designs get modified to fit an individual customers needs. If you don't see exactly what you are looking for, please feel free to inquire with me. I can help you with your needs as long as they are safe. Whether it's modifying a current model, or designing something new, I am here to work with you.

I strive to deliver holsters on a timely basis and will not overbook my workload. When you place your order, I will do my best to get it to you in 8-10 weeks (10-14 weeks for exotics).
Thanks for looking and I look forward to doing business with you.